Staging workshop that takes as a starting point the individual narratives and accompanies the process of looking for their most authentic expression. Participants can bring ideas or already started works to continue developing them or be inspired by the dynamics proposed around the themes of self-narratives, (no) identity and coexistence. Training, creation, composition and staging tools are shared. The process of individual creation is anchored in body work and combined with group dynamics to nourish its development. The individual creations are combined in a common staging that is shown to the public.

The idea of 3cubed seemed to me a super interesting concept of creation, it brought me the desire to create and a quantity of images that appeared in gushes.
So the first thing is to thank you. Not only for the work but also for your warmth and affection. A framework for creation so necessary and so kind that it is greatly appreciated.
The strategies that allow us to get out of the dualistic and dichotomous world, to coexist with the contradictory, the disruptive and to be able to do something with it, were literally potentiated to the cube again and again! Thank you for this new horizon!
Happy to have gone through the experience, I take up again the notes and I begin to join them with others, with the perspective of putting them in movement during this year.
I sigh and smile reading your proposal to add the question about what our creations are serving.

Patricia Ghisoli, 3Cubed, Rosario, Argentina, 2018


The workshop was held at The Danish National School of Performing Arts,  Sala Lavardén, as part of the Festival El Cruce de Rosario, Performing Arts College Snoghøj (Denmark) and Present Being Performer Laboratory (Thessalonica)



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