Vorwand-B is an interactive audiovisual work brought together by new technologies that combines theater, dance, music and installation. The public is part of the same space-time of the work and is invited to participate in games, sensory experiences, media interactions, rituals and reflections.

It submits a journey into oneself and into the encounter with the other through the life of a historical figure: Ruth Berlau, Bertolt Brecht’s Danish lover and collaborator, who followed him into exile and then back to Berlin, where she died in a hospital because of a fire generated by her own cigarette butt.

Although it’s not a biographical work, her history full of tragedy is an excuse to ask questions about human beings, their personal and social development, the coexistence of gender and the self-representation of subjects who live increasingly immersed in virtual realities.

Read Ruth Berlau’s short biography

Coproduction Cia. Entera, Vorwand-B, Iglú de Vent

Dage med Brecht Festival
Svendborg, Denmark, September 2014

Artistic Residence
Sant Joan de Mediona, Barcelona, April 2014


E2- teaserVorwand-B.dk from Paulina Tovo on Vimeo.

See the images of the process

Experimenting images with Candela Muschetto
Penedés, Barcelona, November 2013



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