Scenic creation based on the biographical research on Ulrike Meinhof, involving different artistic expressions: theater, audiovisual, soundscape and writing. It is a research on the human condition, on the need to invent a universe of our own to survive the deprivation of all stimuli.

Ulrike Project is not a biographical work about Ulrike Meinhof. It is the story of a process of mental and physical annihilation of a person by a State. This opens the research on the human side of the executioner-victim dichotomy of terror, and on some of the possible causes of violence as an option for social change.

As artists committed to our times, we feel the need to open this debate, to ask questions. It is you who must investigate the achievement of the answers.

Why Ulrike Meinhof


Proyecto Ulrike, Multimedia performance
Teatro Albeitar, León, 2006

The final product of the project




Ulrike.Textohumano, Poetic performance
Teatro Albeitar, León, 2006

Multimedia performance presenting the texts from the piece




Kein’ Freiheit, streat performance and installation
Palacio de Don Gutierrez, León, 2006

multimedia performance shown in the street to present the project

tarjeta ulrike



Ensayo Public rehearsal
I.E.S. Juan de Enzina, León, 2006

First exhibition of the work in progress of the play Ulrike Project



Proyecto Ulrike.0
Barcelona and Holsterbro, 2003-05

Monologue with a mix of own texts and texts from poets such as Eduardo Galeano


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Yo, Ulrike, grito, Monologue
La Casona, Barcelona, 2003

Monologue of Darío Fo and Franca Ramo

ulrike 1 copia

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