A video creation, with a little a cappella singing, on my biggest inspiration to deal with the uncertainties and cling to life during Corona virus lockdown. Made between March and April 2020 with the collaboration of Pantelis Kiziridis.

I was eating seeds on the balcony in front of the computer, suddenly a gaze makes me turn my head. That had to be one of the little ones, because the big ones do not hold your gaze like that, and he was disheveled, according to what I could see. We looked for a while into each others eyes, then I got up to turn on the camera, -on the other side of the door in order not to intimidate. It looked all around, communicated with one of his parents which answered every whistle. He leaned out a little more and looked around again, whistled and got answer, many times. Finally he raised his wings a little and flew off. The other came out of the hole just behind, much more disheveled, it looked around and whistled, but shortly, it did not make much of a feint with his wings, it jumped and fell. There from the ground, it did look around and whistle, and got answer, it climbed into the chair, shook off the blow, looked around and whistled, it arranged his legs and flew off. They never came back. Who would like to return to a hole having all heavens at your disposal?