Sessions with Paulina have many layers. I experience them as a very tender guidance through physical and mental opening, widening, healing. With this practice, my inner voice gets sparked. It is an encounter with one’s own powers, a careful calling and unfolding of hidden and troubled voices.  After a session, I feel way more complete, as stucked emotions are tickled out of their hideouts and find their way to fly off, without spiraling into drama as one is kept anchored. Paulina teaches with deep respect to all that is, that yearns to come to the surface, that wants to be expressed. She holds the space with love, immense clearity and compassion for the person and their process. Tears and laughter, lightness and depth, growing and falling merge and start moving together, creating wild and wide and liberating spaces.

Hanna Schling

Wilfart Methode

What it is
Exercises for psychophysical unblocking of breath and voice which are carried out according to the particularity of each individual and their moment. The sessions can be hold one-on-one but in the presence of a group of participants the work and its effects intensify. The effects can be noticed after the first session, the process of incorporating new respiratory and vocal habits will depend on each person.

How it works
The work consists of observing the vocal and respiratory functioning and in the personified use of different physical postures, the retention of air and the singing and spoken voice. The first objective of the exercises is to find the anchor of the breath and the voice in the pelvic floor. From there the exercises help to open up the path of the breath and the voice through the body, unlocking the tensions that hinder its path and its full potential. The breathing thus becomes wider and the voice more harmonious. The work fosters autonomy in the individual process.

Why it works
This work is a direct and effective way to detect and release the tensions that hinder the optimal functioning of breathing and voice, with the corresponding emotional benefits that this entails. Anchoring the breath in the own center has similar consequences in our lives, storms happen and the anchoring of the breath prevents us from going to their mercy. In the same way, enabling the channeling of the voice through the verticality of the body optimises and clarifies our actions in life. The unlocking of tensions makes it possible to inhabit your own body, and thus also experience life, more fully.

Why it’s important
The body has a memory that encompasses much more than our conscious memory and that exceeds its own existence. The accumulated tensions in the body interfere with the proper functioning of it and have negative consequences on the entire life experience. On the other hand, breathing is a direct access to the inner life and the voice reflects our way of acting in the world, working with both gives us tools to expand awareness and mastery of our lives.

My experience
I trained as a teacher of the method with Serge Wilfart, its inventor, since 2007, in 2009 I began to teach, still continuing regular meetings with Serge and other teachers of the method until 2016. I have transmitted the work in Spain, Denmark and Germany.
Making someone else work with the method means for me to put my whole being at that moment at the disposal of what I receive from that person. Trying to feel myself in her/his body to know what to propose in order to overcome the respiratory and vocal habits that work against her/him and find new favorable paths. Understanding with the body her/his process; accompanying the de-construction of those bad habits with all the out coming emotional implications, remaining anchored in my own center, and being an enthusiastic witness to the release of blockages and the connection with a very deep and calm force that vibrates the whole being and its environment through its unique and harmonious voice.


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