I often find contemporary art elitist and distant from the surrounding social reality being therefore often largely superfluous to wider society. My personal interest is fed by the works that turn their attention to those who observe them. I want to help create a framework for dialogue that leads to the expression of individual narratives and their encounters.

We need to be able to create a more human world and thus come into contact with our deepest truths. In this way we can question, reveal, and reinvent ourselves. I think it is important to ask oneself questions about the existence, not necessarily to be answered but to be considered, heard and shared. Now, more than ever, art should be able to serve this need, which is not exclusive of the artists. Surely these processes can also benefit the search for new stage languages and usefulness of artistic creation.

I choose to work in combination with audiovisuals as a way to amplify and complement the stage language, evoking both poetry and other realities different in time and space. I am interested in experimenting how new media can co-create with traditional human expressions such as rituals, dance and theatre.

I am interested in creating performances that are based on collaborative creation with other artists. The intention is to share them with a diverse audience, which is not necessarily formally educated in the Arts, and who could actively participate in the performance.

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